Sunday, June 10, 2012

Show & Tell version 6.12

Turtle portrait
(c) John Ashley
"I used to ba a turtle," he explained.
(Overheard in our booth at a recent art show in Spokane, WA.)

"Do you have any turtle pictures?"

"You know, John's photographed turtles, but we don't have any of those images here in the booth." Tracy explained. "Do you like turtles?"

"I used to be a turtle," he replies, matter-of-factly.

"Oh really?" Now he had her full attention. "What kind of turtle were you?"

"I was a plaster turtle." He explained how, after a back injury, he was forced to wear a plaster cast on his back. Instead of boring, white plaster, a friend painted his cast to look like a turtle shell.

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