Sunday, June 10, 2012

Transiting Your Creative Side

With cheesy ND filters in hand, I sat buried in a blanket of clouds throughout the last transit of Venus to occur during my lifetime. Checking the visible satellite, the cloud bank extended from Seattle to central Montana, and almost as far north and south. I would have driven over to Great Falls, about 5 hours away, except for the fact that I had just driven home from Spokane, 5 hours in the opposite direction. I'll have to surrender this one to all of you clear-sky guys.

Hope you had better luck.

So instead I spent the afternoon sitting in the freezing rain and snow squalls - yes, snow - photographing Loons and fighting off frostbite. After a hot shower and a dry set of clothes, I sat and rolled posters for a wholesale order while listening to John Cleese.

This Cleese video is a mostly-serious lecture on creativity. If you're trying to carve out a living as a creative type, then it's well worth 37 minutes of your time. If you're too young to remember John Cleese or the "Monty Python," then you aren't properly prepared to work within the Rat Race. Google it up. For example, you can learn about everything from Philosophy to Football in less than 5 minutes, right here.

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