Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Great Camera

(One of my sympathetic customers recently sent this excerpt to me. The original came from author Harvey Mackay.)

As a professional photographer, Julie took a lot of pride in her work, and brought samples everywhere she went in hopes of getting new business. One evening she was at a dinner party, and her host asked to see her portfolio. She showed him over a dozen pictures, and the host was impressed.

A really great camera

These are some really nice shots,” he told her. “You must have a great camera.”

Julie was annoyed at the suggestion that it was her camera – not her talent – that allowed her to take great pictures. But she said nothing until the meal was over.

“That dinner was excellent,” she said.

Thank you,” said the host, pleased. “I prepared it myself.”

Julie smiled. “You must have some great pots and pans.”

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