Sunday, June 16, 2013

Contest - Name That Photograph!

Heaven on Earth, Glacier National Park (c) John Ashley
What name comes to mind when you look at this image? (Click to enlarge.) Send it to me!

We've decided to have a little fun at one of the galleries. We're holding a competition to see who can come up with the best title for one of my new images. The first person to submit the winning entry will receive a 28"x 9" limited-edition canvas print of the currently nameless image, signed by your's truly. To vote, just visit the Facebook page for Paint Metal & Mud gallery, or email me. I'll announce the winning title on July 5th during my artist's reception at the gallery.

I made this image a week ago this morning, from the top of a mountain that looks out over the western side of Glacier National Park. The funny thing is, I climbed up the evening before because the forecast called for clearing skies overnight, and I wanted to photograph the milky way in new moon darkness. Sure enough, just as soon as the milky way started lining up with my subject, thick clouds came rolling in.

Story of my life.

But I photographed through the night anyway - thank goodness. Dawn was pretty gray but eventually the sunbeams broke through holes in the cloud cover and lit up the North Fork Valley. Pretty cool to see, and pretty lucky to be in the right spot for the wrong reason.

7/5/13 UPDATE:

We have a winner! Stephany Westhusin of Louisville, Colorado, wins our "name the photograph" contest with her suggested title, "Heaven on Earth," which was chosen from almost 200 entries originating from at least five different states. Stephany wins a 28" x 9" limited-edition canvas print of the image that finally has a permanent name. Congratulations Stephany, and many thanks to everyone who entered.

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