Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Little Bit 'o Space Envy

Finally, I have found a must-have piece of camera gear that makes any camera body, even the astronomical D4 and 1D Mark IV, look oh-so affordable. At least, that's the angle I'm taking in the current round of equipment purchasing negotiations with my business manager (and spousal unit).

The must-have equipment? The International Space Station. Gotta' get myself one of those.

Crew members on board have created a number of amazing videos. My favorites show the Milkyway and Aurora Borealis from low Earth orbit.  (This one is the most creative. NOTE, slow-to-load.) These videos (and descriptions of what you're seeing), which are posted on this NASA website, are unlike anything I've ever seen - and unlike anything I'll ever get to photograph, according to my business manager.

All of these videos are worth a look, but they are short, silent clips. Fortunately, Earth-bound photographer Alex Rivest had the good graces to edit together many of these shorts into one long video (top of post) complete with music.

(Tip o' the red headlamp to Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy.)

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