Friday, August 12, 2011

Showing Up - Aaron Huey

“My success is not measured in money. I have no financial security, I have no savings account. I measure my success by asking myself if I’m telling a story that the world needs to hear, if I am educating people.'” (Aaron Huey)

I ran into one of my favorite former art teachers last week. He's the one who tells all of his students the secret to success in art, life, etc.  It's simple really. You have to show up. For photographers, it means that you have to be out there, day in and day out, living your craft.

One of the best examples I know of is Aaron Huey. Like me, you've probably never met him. But spending a little time watching a couple of videos will help set your vision straight.

The first video is from last winter at the Annenberg Space for Photography. Huey shows and - most importantly - describes his 154-day walk across America. No assignment, no book plan, just Arron and his dog Cosmo, one camera and one lens.

Another video is much harder to watch, but even more enlightening. Huey has spent years documenting what he calls "America's native prisoners of war" at the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Each of these videos tells a different story, and there are pearls of wisdom there for all of us.

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