Sunday, December 13, 2009

And the Winner is...

[ 12.18.09 UPDATE: The numbers for Help-Portrait keep rolling in. 40,000+ portraits made by 8,300+ volunteer photographers at 715 locations in 42 different countries. How's that for a volunteer movement that started just four months ago? News release here. ]


This just in. With 43% of locations reporting, the run-away winners in the Help-Portrait derby are the good people among us who received a professional portrait of themselves -- many for the first time in their lives. In second place were the thousands of photographers and volunteers who made it all happen.  At last report, 1400+ photographers and 2720+ volunteers created 17,200+ photographs yesterday, and gave them away with a smile and sometimes even a hug.

Here in the Flathead Valley of western Montana, a team of three photographers braved a winter snowstorm to create 81 portraits in two different towns 15 miles apart. This holiday season the good people at a homeless shelter / halfway house in Kalispell, and at the Montana Veterans' Home in Columbia Falls, will have a little something to share with their friends and families.

Based on the heartfelt reactions from both sides, I think we might be seeing more of this type of behavior in the future. Click here if you'd like to help out or learn more.

CNN coverage here.

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